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At bonial, we cherish our people and their individual needs, values, and capabilities. We look at the true nature of our diverse employees and enable them to reach their full potential. To this end, we create an empowering and appreciative working atmosphere for everyone. Together, we strive to keep our cities vibrant. Discover our unmatched corporate culture and infinite career opportunities.

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People at the center

We value each individual and acknowledge that every person has a unique set of skills and competencies. As an international, multicultural, diverse, and inclusive organization, we are proud to have a strong social culture that encourages conversations and builds relationships.

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Embrace reality

We value insight more than being right and data is the source of our innovation and decision-making. We expose ourselves to reality as much as possible because this is the fastest way to success.

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Idea meritocracy

We understand that the best ideas are not based on social status. They are not set in stone and evolve over time. We cherish knowledge and curiosity that stimulates structured thinking and nurtures creativity.

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Own your impact

We strongly believe in the power of individual contribution. We create an environment that fosters initiative-taking and accountability that leads to a can-do attitude.

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Leader leader

We are committed to decentralizing decision-making. To achieve this, we foster transparency and provide clear intent, creating alignment that empowers our team members to act autonomously through open communication.

Our Culture

Our bonial principles

Our five bonial principles were developed with the involvement of many employees back in 2019 and are actively lived by every employee at bonial every single day. As a business, beyond our commitment to innovation, we take immense pride in fostering a remarkable workplace culture. Our employees enjoy flexible working hours and a hybrid model, blending remote and in-office work. We prioritize well-being by providing an on-site gym, and our inclusive environment promotes collaboration and support among colleagues. Complementing this, we have a beautiful office in Berlin-Mitte and cultivate a spirit of kindness and teamwork. 

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"It's the people!"

They say pictures tell more than a thousand words. Have a look at our video to get an authentic insight of the bonial vibe. 100% culture. 100 % bonial.

“It's not just to replace paper. It's more!”

At bonial, we are focussing on offline shopping — and that's what separates us from all the other big e-commerce players. So, we combine the best of both worlds: offline and online, always purpose-driven, innovative, and creative. Learn more from our CEO, Christoph Eck-Schmidt. 

Become a part of our Product & Tech team and shape the future of retail marketing. Translate your ideas into impactful solutions and build platforms for millions of users.

Join our Sales & Marketing teams to pioneer innovative retail solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and creativity to disrupt a whole industry.

We have a wide variety of roles also in other areas like finance, operations, people, and more. Find our current openings in our job offers.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Discover an environment of opportunities where diversity and empowerment thrive to foster your skills and leadership qualities.

Join our Meet-ups

What makes bonial special is the personal closeness of our employees - and that's also how we handle our applications. If you are interested in applying for a job with us, but would also like to get to know us before, join one of our open events. We are regularly hosting meetups on different topics and working areas - everyone is more than welcome to join, learn, and get to know us in person.

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Where is Dino?

Have you noticed our little dinosaur friends that we have hidden in our photos? Hint: It's more than 10 🙂


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We care

Well-being & Health

We prioritize the well-being and health of everyone as a core component of our commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture. By offering comprehensive mental and physical health benefits, we empower our employees to take ownership of their well-being. These benefits include a physical gym in the office, a discounted Urban Sports Club Membership, annual health days, as well as the use of, and the opportunity to reach out to our trusted mental health ambassadors. We strongly believe that having leaders and colleagues who actively listen and are present when needed plays a vital role in making sure everybody feels supported and seen as the valuable team members that they are. This enhances individual resilience and commitment and contributes to a more productive and supportive work environment overall. Thus, we ensure that our colleagues can thrive individually and in their teams.