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Elevate your sales journey

Elevate your sales journey

Sales at bonial is all about forging strategic partnerships with our key accounts. Unlike any traditional lead-driven sales unit, we believe in customer relations at eye level. We collaborate with the most renowned retail brands in Germany and France. And we co-create the future of offer communication, leveraging our wide reach, appealing target groups.  

Be part of a diverse team that generates meaningful impactful to keep stationary retail alive.

We redefine brand engagement

We redefine brand engagement

At bonial, marketing is more than a strategy – it's a dynamic journey of innovation and impact. Our diverse marketing team focuses on creativity, creating compelling narratives that resonate with our audiences. We're not just promoting products, we're crafting experiences that redefine how consumers engage with brands. 

Join us in driving digital transformation, where every campaign is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and shape the future of marketing in the retail landscape.

“bonial is a great place to work.”

Get inspired by the stories of our passionate professionals at bonial who are not just building careers but are also at the forefront of digital advertising transformation. 


Our B2B- & PR/Communications-team takes care of the strategic planning, development and implementation of communication measures. We work closely with various internal departments to create relevant content and distribute it via various channels such as social media, press releases, blog posts and newsletters.   

We also oversee advertising planning, organize events and cooperate with key industry partners to make our messages accessible to a wide audience. Our goal is to ensure a positive and credible representation of bonial and to position the company as an innovative and leading provider in the field of offer communication.


Our sales team works actively to identify and acquire potential new customers for bonial. Thanks to the strong negotiation and persuasion skills of our sales employees, contracts are successfully concluded and long-term, trusting relationships are built with our customers. The "Client Strategy" team plays a central role in supporting the sales team: it focuses on appealing and visually convincing sales pitches to persuade potential customers of bonial products and services. The focus here is on a strategic approach in order to understand the customer's needs and offer customized solutions.


Our Performance and Brand Marketing team at bonial is a dynamic and strategic unit dedicated to driving the success of our mobile applications. Leveraging data-driven insights, we employ a mix of performance marketing and brand-strengthening tactics to connect authentically with our diverse audience. Our commitment to defining and enhancing our products' brand identity ensures we stand out in a crowded app marketplace, fostering recognition and loyalty among our target users.

Joining this team is an exciting opportunity to craft innovative campaigns, and collaborate on strategic initiatives to redefine retail experiences.


bonial’s Inbound Marketing team is a dynamic blend of creativity and strategic thinking, focusing on digital engagement and user connection. Comprising specialized subteams in SEO, CRM, and Editorial & Social Media, we excel in optimizing our websites and apps for maximum visibility, executing user-centric retention campaigns, and producing engaging content that resonates with our audience. Our approach is not just about marketing; it’s about building meaningful connections and driving organic growth. At bonial, we’re dedicated to shaping the future of digital marketing, where every idea contributes to a richer user experience and a more vibrant brand presence.

Our customers

Brands we work with

From local stores to well-known brands, our customers appreciate the opportunity to optimally showcase their products online using our platforms such as kaufDA and MeinProspekt. We empower retailers to thrive in the digital era by seamlessly navigating between online and offline worlds, effectively engaging their customers in innovative ways. Explore how bonial strengthens the connection between consumers and local retail, working together to create a unique shopping experience.

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